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Cleaning And Gardening

Scrubbing Machine

For scrubbing hard floors and carpets

Janitorial Trolley

For cleaning and collecting waste in rooms

Static Mop

To dry mopping hard floors

Rubber Squeegee

To move water on hard floors

petrol lawn mower

For Cutting grass

Hose pine

high pressure washer

For washing parking yards,drains,walls

Gardens Tools

Rakes, Hoes, Shovels for different purposes

Wheel Barrow

Purpose: Move equipment, soil or waste

Grass Trimmer

For cutting grass

Equipment Rack

Step Ladder

Pest Control

indoor residual spray pump

For mosquitos and other pests

Rodent Trap

motorised spray pumps

Outdoor spraying

mosquito trap

Attracting and trapping Mosquitoes

Steam Cleaner

Bed Bug Treatment

ultrasonic pest repellants

Repelling rodents, cockroaches in food preparation environments


Chemical Overall

Personal protective clothing

Chemical Gloves

Protective chemical gloves

safety / Reflector jacket

High Visibility safety jackets

Safety Boots / Shoes

Nose Mask

Ear Plugs